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Software as a Service is all the rage. Everyone is familiar with the process of having an idea or profession, needing a piece of software in order to help you reach your goals in the process of executing the itinerary within that profession, but somewhere along the way someone had the bright idea of hosting a piece of software online and charging a monthly fee in order to use it.

Then, all that is required is to find the average life-cycle of a new customer, and price your subscription fees and business model in such a way that it out performs what you would charge for a one-time install. The most referenced piece of software to create for startups is a CRM tool. However, this market still has a lot of room for new ideas!

Why not come up with a creative idea for a piece of software, that would be in high demand, that is easy to market, that people are going to be willing to pay over and over again in order to use? Why not have someone who knows how to come up with those creative ideas with/for you ; ]

We’re confident we can create your dream piece of software.

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