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We all know that content is king, but what makes content successful? What qualifies as good content? How do I leverage titles and tools to encourage engagement and sharing? There’s a lot you can do with content, including but definitely not limited to, onsite SEO & off-site SEO. You can spin your content, or write fresh articles, and share them off site in a press release while back-linking the juice to your own site. You can syndicate those articles through a plethora of networks where they circulate at scale. If you choose the right networks, and write great content, based on compelling issues, then you can start to bring in a lot of traffic, all while boosting your rankings in the serps and establishing yourself as an authority.

Content can be circulated by affiliates to your site, packed in an email swipe, or sample review, or condensed into graphical banners, content can be spread far and wide by giving affiliates a percentage commission, thus not having to come out of pocket. A content site is often thought of as a low-cost business, because there are 1 many people out there who will write thousands of words for as cheap as humanly possible, and 2 because the business model, or act of monetizing the site, can be easily understood – which by the way doesn’t make it simple.

A genuinely compelling content site can actually be pretty expensive. It takes a lot of work, homework, and effort to pull together even 1 great blog post. A single blog post has the potential to be shared by hundreds of thousands, all the while driving a whole-heck-of-a-lot of traffic back to your site. Managing engagement, doing analysis, syndicating, building solo ad connections, bringing great content together, and making it go viral is quite a hefty task.

My point is this, don’t be complacent with a low-cost content site that doesn’t perform. You shouldn’t feel any kind of satisfaction in the compromise of quality here.

Between all of these things and updating/adding new content, a site like this can be quite a time consuming little task.

Now, that isn’t to discourage you from a site like this. I’m merely trying to make a point that you shouldn’t settle for a really low budget site, and think you can just throw some traffic at it and be successful. Raise the bar of your expectations a little bit. Understand that when you order a content site from us, you’re getting something genuinely of intrinsically high value.

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