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We build businesses for the new age entrepreneur!

Dear Beloved User,

It’s been a long road. Our humble beginnings started with a single man. He always had a dream of “making money online” – now he hates that phrase! It’s so unprofessional, he says. He started by creating a simple music blog where he took free artist submissions, but offered his services on the back-end. He quickly grew that business and sold it, started others, found heavy clients, and made over $20,000 in less than 9 months, all without a budget – all while suffering severe life circumstances. He started it all by building sites on his phone and at the library. Now we build all types of businesses together as a team, and our master Digital Business Analyst – sits in the back all day, every day, designing new genius business models from scratch. All to make others money and achieve the lives they’ve always dreamed was possible.

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